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Question How can I order a picture of me and my pet? and how much does it cost?
Answer Order your illustration with a usual way.
Then, make your selection at the field of the number of person in an order form, count certain pet as additional person.
Each price listed with samples are generally for one person. (except two shot sample)
Some additional fee will be charged for each additional person.
We will estimate the price and send you the quotation within 2 working days.
Question Is it possible to have two or more persons on one page?
Answer Yes it is. If your desired artist doesn't show the price for 2 shot illustration, we will ask them for a quotation.
Please also see the question in the above.
Question What is the preferred image size for a source photo?
Answer Since our artists make your illustration based on the photos you sent in, we would recommend that:
pinphotos must not be too small and be clearly show your/ main person's face.
pinthe facial expression in the photo closely matches the desired expression.
pinsometimes we cannot open a image in the other format from Jpeg.
pinif you order your illustration with whole body style, and you plan to send your whole body photo, we reccomend another photo that shows more specif ic detail about the face are given.

We really appreciate that if you kindly consider the artist and his/ her view of you.
Question Can I use my Facebook profile pic as a base photo?
Answer In almost all cases, the photos from Facebook are too small to see the facial details.
We strongly recommend you to send the original one.
Question Can I change my artist?
Answer If you want to change your artist, before it has been billed,
please cancel the order and start over order processes from the selecting artist.
If it placed after your payment, we cannot accept the changing and do not give refunds for changing artist.
Question Can I transform myself into my favorite anime character?
Answer We consider and respect all artists/ creators work.
We are not able to make any copy of an existing character or draw an illustration in the same.
However, you can be inspired by the anime character so please describe your image
sometimes by using source images just as a point of reference.
Question I am a big fan of Justin Bieber and want you to make a two shot picture with him. Is it possible to do?
Answer Unfortunately, we do not accept an order corresponding with the following conditions:
pinmaking any illustration of any celebrities or other public people without their permissions.
pinmaking any illustration of any specific animation character without the copyright holders' permissions.

If your order can be applied to either one of the above, please inform us whether you have any permissions from the persons authorized or from the copyright holders before you order and before the illustrations have been created.
Question I want to include my car in my illustration.
Answer If you desire to have props (cars, sporting items, musical instruments, etc. ) or complex background, it normally incur additional fees.
Prices of the fees are different depends on each artist.
Some artists do not charge for non-complex items, but any props or desired backgrounds need to be confirmed for additional fees every time.
We will get a quotation based on your desired item(s) from an artist while checking the artist schedule so please give us specific details.
Question How much does it take if I make my own illustration?
Answer Pricing is not identical for all artists, each one set their own prices.
You can see the pricing by visiting their individual page.
The prices are also differ depends on what image size you need.
FYI: Prices are shown in US dollars and subject to change without notice.
Question What about payment method? When should I pay?
Answer We need advance payment for all order.
We will send you payment request via PayPal when your order is scheduled successfully.
Question How can I pay?
Answer We accept all payments through PayPal. (Learn more about PayPal).
You don't even need a PayPal account and can choose payment method (including credit card).
PayPal won't share your financial info with us. Please follow the steps outlined in a payment request email.
Please be careful each payment is due within one week, normally. If a payment is overdue, the order might be canceled.

We will send you an e-mail confirming your payment.
Question In what currency can I pay?
Answer We only accept USD so all payments must be made in that currency.
However, even if you are in outside the US, you can send a payment in USD by selecting the currency in a payment process in PayPal.
For more information about this issue, please also search " How do I send a payment in another currency? " in PayPal help center.
Question What about delivery?
Answer It is delivered as an email attachment. If your illustration is especially large for email, we will send a reduced-size attachment at the draft stage.
If you prefer to know the actual size at that time, please inform us, and we will give you a URL to download from right away.
Question How long does it take to get my MYPIC?
Answer After an order is confirmed by the artist, each customer may receive an advance payment of the order.
All artists' work will not begin until this payment is processed.
We normally send the first illustration delivery within a week from the day we confirm the payment, unless other delivery date is informed.
On occasions, due to public holidays of us, weekends or periods of high demand, etc. this time frame may be a little more.
We are sure to inform you the expected date of delivery before payment.
When you have corrections, another 1 week is needed to provide you the second illustration delivery.
Question Is it possible to get an illustration quickly?
Answer When requested and depending on the artist's schedule, it may be possible to place a rush order.
If you have a specific deadline, please inform us of this before the order is accepted by the artist.
We recommend you tell us your top two or three chosen artists in this case,
so we can ask each of the artists their schedule right away.
In some cases, there might be an additional charge, if urgent.
Question My ordered illustration will be delivered next few days but I'm not able to check it because my computer will be sent for repair from tomorrow until next weekends.
Answer Thank you for contacting us before it.
If you don't send a reply within 7 days of receipt of the first illustration delivery, we will simply deliver the final illustration without your approval.
After the final delivery is completed, you cannot indicate your corrections for the illustration any longer.
Please let us know if you will have difficulty responding by the deadline as soon as possible.
Question Can I make corrections after the first delivery?
Answer Yes you can if you find corrections differ from the original instructions on the first delivered illustration.
We correct for free only ONCE per order, however, if the corrections or requests not found in the original instructions,
it may incur some additional fee for redrawing.
When you are not satisfied with the first illustration, please tell us the details of the desired changes and we will assess what changes can be made.
illustration usage
Question What size is the image?
Answer The expected resolution and print size are shown on the lower part of each artist order page.
Please see the <Image Size Chart>.
If you need a different size, please contact us.
Question Can I use illustrations I ordered freely?
Answer Yes, please use it for any purposes, however, that, this shall not apply to sale and resale, or commercial use.
If your order can be applied to either one of the above, please inform us of this when you are order the illustration.
Question Is it possible to get a printed illustration?
Answer Sorry, we do not provide printed illustrations at the moment.
Our illustrations will be sent as image data, in order to keep the price as low as possible for you.
So we ask each customer to print their illustration using their own means at home, an office, etc.
Question Is it possible to get a refund?
Answer Normally, all sales are final. The goods you purchase cannot be returned unless there is a technical problem (wrong data, corrupted file, billing error, etc.)
We cannot accept returns on goods for individual reasons on your part.
privacy and copyright

How will the photos I send be handled?
Answer We direct all of our artists to discard all source photos every time the final delivery is completed. Please also see our Privacy Policy.
Question What about the copyright?
Answer The copyright belongs to each artist. Please enjoy the illustration freely for personal use.
However, sale and resale of the illustration or any commercial use require the artist's approval.

Do you accept emails from both my personal and work email addresses?
Answer Yes we do, but please remember we search the order by your name or an order number so please include it in the message.
Question Do I contact MYPIC staff with email only?
Answer Yes, email is the only infallible contact method at the moment.
We have Facebook page and you can also send us messages from the <message box> in the page, however, we have lots of message in the box so it could occur failing to notice.
Therefore we strongly recommend to contact via email if your requirements are related to a certain purchase.
  Still have questions, or have a problem with ordering?
Please contact us from here or email at