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For ALL first-time visitor
Are you satisfied with your current profile avatar? Let's make your icon stand out with personalized illustration!

<MYPIC> is an entertainment service, making custom-made illustration.
You will love our kawaii illustrations and will find your favorite one from a variety of artists and styles.
We believe MYPIC can make your OTAKU life more fun!
It is not clip art or template illustration, it's SPECIALLY MADE so that your illustration is certainly one of a kind.

If there are any unclear points or questions, please also see FAQ page or contact from Contact us page.
We are always happy to provide you with expert advice from MYPIC special guides, even the order is under consideration.
What to expect
With every order, you'll get the illustration in digital format (jpeg, GIF, png, and some artists can accept order in other format)
Ordering process
see See samples (All artists) or previous work (Customers' MYPIC)
Imagine how your own illustration would be and find your favorite artist.
artist Choose your artist
We have a range of artists and each has particular drawing styles.
style and size Choose style and size
Choose a drawing style and a image size from the selections as they appear on the artist page.
Prices are shown with each size.
Then simply click the price tag.
Order Order
Tell us your basic information so that we can contact you.
details Tell us details
You will receive an order confirmation email that asks your order details.
There will also be the opportunity to give your photo(s) to us at that time.
payment Make a payment
Confirm your order by making a payment.
You will receive payment request via PayPal.
All payment must be made before the artist starts work.
delivery Illustration delivered
You will receive a copy of your original illustration.
If you have no complaint, we simply send you an original illustration.
If you have corrections at the time, the artist will make modifications to the illustration. (Only once for free)

Whoopie! Your illustration's totally completed!!
In all the process should take about 3-4 weeks.
Any questions? Also see our FAQ

courses to order
There are three courses to tell us your order details.
Plain course (No additional fee)
Same layout and design (include clothes, pose, and facial expression) as a source photo that you will send.
Background is basically same as samples or none (white).
Arranged course (No additional fee)
Choose a drawing extent, background, clothes, pose, and hair style from options.
You are not able to indicate your requirements with words in this course, please choose from our options.
You must send source photo(s) or reference URL(s) if you have particular instruction.
Decorated course (Add $30)
Please inform us of your requirements by uploading photos and describing your image in sentences,
even some vague expressions are welcome like "looks kind", "super girl", and "gothic fashion" etc.

We are happy to review your order details.
If necessary, we will provide some advice or find some image pictures for the artist
to make completely clear about your requirements.

You will see these three courses at the stage of " Details", (Tell us details) in ordering process chart above.
Please don't worry about course selection. We are providing properly support in each step.

That's all for now.
Let's begin making your illustration by choosing artist from here!
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